Sample Campaigns:
Dental Practice Sample Campaign:

Digital Signage is a very powerful communication tool in any dental or healthcare enviroment. Improve your clients' visit by offering entertaining, informative, and communicative content. Reduce perceived wait times and help relax your patients.

With dental practices, screens can be placed in waiting areas as well as in procedure rooms mounted directly on ceilings. Clients will be entertained by constantly refreshing trivia feeds, informative and fun 'Did-You-Know's, and hollywood, business, & sports news-in-pictures. Display promotions and complimentary services such as teeth whitening and cosmetic options you may offer. Promote your brand by also running videos about your practice and display your roster of employees. Show community involvement and charitable work you may be involved in. Show current weather conditions as well as the next day forecast. RSS news feeds including top stories, sports, and entertainment also cycle to help keep your clients up-to-date with current affairs. The interactive text ticker allows you to input up to six unique fields advertising services, make announcements, and inform your visiting clients of any delays.

Your screens are your blank canvaess to display whatever you like.

Most content can be made interactive and editable including values, photos, and text fields. Our unique and powerful system allows you to interact with your screens with any web browser and even your SmartPhone! Hyperion SignStudio, which is included with all licenses, allows for the creation and management of your screens and all their content.

Offset the cost of your system by offering sponsorship opportunities to your suppliers and even your clients. Have the weather sponsored by a golf course or local attraction. Media companies such as radio stations and newspapers will be interested in sponsoring your news feeds. As an example, we have Colgate sponsoring the Trivia segment in the sample campaign. You decide how much you wish to charge for your advertising. Offset the cost entirely or even create a passive income for your practice.

It's simple and very affordable to develop a custom Digital Signage campaign for your practice. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Retirement Community / Property Management Sample Campaign:

Digital Signage is quickly being adopted by property management and retirement communities for many obvious reasons and benefits. For these industries, screens are typically installed in lobbies, dining areas, and common areas as communication tools. Gone are the days of the printed memo as screens can be instantly updated displaying the list of events. Alterations to schedules then are of little nuisance with Digital Signage. Within a few mouse clics, any content can be updated and changed.

Digital Signage also allows for the humanization of these facilities which is so important. Birthday announceents including photos can be included, new employees announced and even the welcoming of new residents. Engaging InfoTainment channels like our 'Did-You-Know', 'Today-in-History', and 'Health & Wellness' segments are both entertaining and informative to viewers. News feeds constantly update displaying top stories with local and world news. A text ticker can be implemented for quick message posting and announcements.

Systems can be designed with or without audio. Music can be added to signage is desired to fit any enviroment.

To help attract new residents and their families that may be visting, Digital Signage is the perfect companion to the Marketing Director. Information about the property can be shared and presented like a digital brochure. scan also present Systems can be integrated into existing coaxial infrastructures so the Digital Signage presentation is available in residents' rooms. Great for those who are shut-ins or cannot leave for medical reasons but can still stay in touch with the happenings of the facility.

Similar installs can be placed in hotels as well displaying important information to travellers such as flight times, weather reports, and local information. Hotel services can be presented while helping brand promotion.

Some of our client installations:
Maxwell Mccoys Eatery

Maxwell Mccoys Eatery, a trendy new restaurant located in north London, approched us wanting to supplement their already existing live television feeds with fun and interesting content on some of their screens to improve their guests' experience with entertaining content andincrease sales by advertising their promotions, specials, and limited time offers. By adopting Digital Signage, Maxwell Mccoys Eatery also has set itself apart from the competition and impressing on their customers with vibrant, up-to-date motion graphics that modernizes their establishment.

Initially we designed a screen that would allow their live television feed to share screenspace and run alongside their ads and promotions. The restaurant already had four large screens playing news and sports channels so opted to have two play just the Digital Signage. We created a series of dynamic flash animated ads that were both lively and edgy consistent with the look and feel of their brand. Custom interactive scenes were created such as a birthday page - an animated scene complete with photo, name, and age of the celebrant that cycles with all the other on-screen content when needed.

Upon install, the restaurant owner quickly secured two advertisers and two sponsors with little effort completely offsetting the monthly cost of the Digital Signage system and is even realizing a small profit! Congratulations to Maxwell Mcoys Eatery!

Digital Signage proved to be a perfect match for Maxwell Mccoys Eatery.

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Flash Animation Example Flash Animation Example Flash Animation Example
Gammage Flowers & Bernard Callebaut Choclaterie

Judite Holder, owner and operator of both Gammage Flowers - Canada's Oldest Flower Shop - and Bernard Callebaut Choclaterie - an equistie boutique of some of the world's finest chocolate - located in London, contacted us to help her cross-promote her adjacent businesses. The shops exist in two beautiful neighbouring century buildings in Old North London. She also wanted to help entertain and inform her visting clientele as they waited to have their orders prepared. Chocolate and flowers just go together and what better vehicle than Digital Signage to help promote this fact.

A common campaign was designed that plays in both stores. Branded content alternates for both businesses including business histories, backgrounds, interesting 'Flower Facts' and 'Chocolate Chunks' infotainment. Included as well are segments promoting their wedding offerings, a gallery of some of their arrangements, and interactive ads whereas the manager can switch up photos and text fields for any promotions or events they wish to offer or advertise. Judite also wanted the screens to be able to play musical selections akin to the businesses and not rely on local radio that was mostly inappropriate or music cds that needed to be constantly changed by staff. Hyperion was able to integrate a unique software solution that runs music in the background independent of the campaign, randomly choosing from a selection of hundreds of titles. A Christmas selection was also made available and was scheduled to play for the holiday season.

We also congratulate Judite for her insight in realizing the potential of Digital Signage to help improve her customers' experience, promote her brand, and drive cross-selling and up-selling between her two successful businesses.

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Flash Animation Example Flash Animation Example Flash Animation Example
Advanced Imagewerx

Advanced Imagwerx established in 1999, is a successful quick-printer located in trendy Masonville Place in north London - a large mall consisting of over 200 stores which has become both the retail and social mecca of London.

Advanced Imagewerx wanted a short campaign highlighting their main services and that would cycle a few times for the average client while they were being served or waiting for service.

Their Digital Signage campaign is being displayed on a large 42" plasma at point of purchase near the front counter of the store. As clients wait in line to be served, they can view product and service offerings. The multi-zoned screen also displays current weather conditions and next day forecast with time of day. As well, RSS news feeds cycle continually for added entertainment value.

Screen graphics match the branding of the business matching their website colours and style. The 'Little Super-hero Kid' as well which is prevalent on much of the business' print collateral is present and utilized in a few of the ads that run in the main zone.


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Williams Fresh Cafe
London - Wonderland Rd. South location
wfc logo

The owner of a Williams Fresh Cafe located in south London approached Hyperion to design a multi-screen installation for his QSR restaurant.

Systems include a 42" screen to replace a chalkboard currently displaying meal combos, a 24" format screen central at point-of-purchase to display entertaining InfoTainment and current promotions for those waiting, and another large format screen in the dining area displaying Williams' branded content and paid advertisments alongside a live television feed on the same screen. The ads on the screen will eventually replace a static community board the owner had made available for local businesses and organizations to post flyers and signs. The board has become unsighlty and difficult to manage. By selling advertising space now on the screen, the owner can help offset the cost of his Digital SIgnage system, and potentially even create a new passive income for the business.

Williams 24" screen Williams 42" screen Williams 50" screen
24" Screen cycling weather, promotions, and InfoTainment 42" screen - scheduled daily combos 50" screen - live t.v. inset with side ads, weather and news feed
  Flash Animation Example  
Presidents Choice Financial
pcf logo

Presidents Choice Financial has over 200 pavillions located within Loblaws supermarkets across Canada. They offer personal and business banking services as well as loans, mortgages and invenstment products. They are considering incorporating Digital Signage at their locations to help promote their products and drive their brand. With high visibility at the supermarket entrances and cash register cue lines, the dynamic motion graphics Digital Signage provides greatly increase viewership as opposed to static posters and displays.

These Flash animations are designed to be fully interactive whereas values in the animations can be updated globally and instantly across all screens across the country from a single remote location by means of our simple C.M.S. Editor accessible securely through any web browser or SmartPhone device.

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Flash Animation Example Flash Animation Example Flash Animation Example
Wastell Builders 5-screen Panoramic
Wastell Builders Group - 5 screen panoramic Digital Signage display - Western Fair Sports Complex - London Ontario Wastell Builders Group - 5 screen panoramic Digital Signage display - Western Fair Sports Complex - London Ontario

Qty. 5 - 50" screens forming a panoramic display at the Western Fair Sports Center in London, Ontario. Installed to produce a curve - 2 screens attached to the ceiling and 3 wall mounted driven by a custom MediaBOX capable of driving up to 6 screens.

Campaign is approx. 2 minutes in length and displays various scenes promoting their brand and community involvement.

Also, just implemented in the campaign is an interactive animation that displays the current tournament underway in the facility. The sales manager can change the tournamnet name and date within the animation by simply logging into our online CMS Editor and changing two text boxes which then instantly update the animation. This technology is unique to our system and allows anyone to easily interact and edit their digital signage with even the most basic of computer skills.


Century 21 - Network Realty
St. Thomas

This office was the first to adopt our custom developed piece of Digital Signage software entitled RELGen (Real Estate Listing Software) to display their listings. It replaced the need to manually post static listings which needed constant maintenance and were very limiting in their nature.

RELGen cycles all the offices' listings in a 6-up matrix. Each listing within the grid displays the main photo of the property as well as a cycling of any additional photos in a picture-in-picture frame. QR codes are inset so a viewer can capture the listing on their smartphone and visit the agent's website to view their other offered properties. Agent's photos and contact info is displayed at the top corner alongside the offices' logo. Display intervals can be adjusted through the software that allows control of nearly every aspect of the display including even changing the template colours to match their brand.

RELGen's interface makes it easy to quickly enter in agents and their listings. Listings can be retrieved to edit and be updated as prices and conditions change. The software also can display open house times, 'REDUCED', and 'SOLD' banners across the photos with only a click of the mouse.

As a bonus, a boilerplate is made available at the bottom of the screens in which the office can sell ad space to offset the cost of the system and potentially create a passive income to put towards printing costs or other office expenses. Complimentary services will happily advertise on these screens: real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, banks, roofers, landscapers, home inspectors, etc. easily make the system cost $0 with just a few advertisers.

A touch screen version is presently being developed for adoption into a stand-alone kiosk that will then be available for setting up in mall spaces. A Virtual-Agent so to speak. Also, an automobile version of the software is also in development.

Forest City National Golf Course
Forest City National Golf Club

A Digital Signage screen has been designed for the proshop displaying the current golf rates. The management can quickly and easily change pricing content via our simple C.M.S. Editor using any smartphone or web browser.

Promotions and paid advertisements will run on the side panel. Another screen will be installed in the Club House as well combining their television feed with accompanying promotions, offers, and paid advertisements.

Very quickly, Forest City National was able to attract a number of advertisers to offset the cost of the Digital Signage system.

Easy content changes with the Hyperion C.M.S. Editor using any SmartPhone or web browser